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June 18-28th, 2020


 $2,699 All Inclusive. Only $500 to Secure Your Spot!


Our 10 days in Peru will be an even mix of cultural tours of ancient historical sites, backpacking through beautiful mountains, group activities, and personal growth exercises. Our morning routine will include meditation and group affirmations, while our evenings will be a mix of ceremony, sharing, dancing, and simply enjoying our time together. 



10 Days & 28 Delicious Meals

All lodging and transportation included during the trip, including flight back from Puno to Lima and local delicious Peruvian cuisine.

Unbelievable Activities & Plenty of You Time

We'll be immersed in epic nature and rich ancient cultures including one of the 7 wonders of the world while engaging in spiritual practices and personal growth activities.

Inspiring Community & Shared Experiences

Share a deep connection

with new friends on the path of personal growth, inner power, and self realization

through ceremonies and powerful heart to hearts.

Badass Team Leaders, Drivers & Local Guides

Highly trained, passionate and fully engaged group leaders with immense

experience in facilitating  transformational human and spiritual growth processes, and expert native local guides.

Lots of Laughter, Smiles and Aha's

Heart & Hands Outline

We are here to play, to enjoy, to connect, and to emerge into our authentic selves to truly live and feel fucking alive ; p

  • All Ground Transportation: Rides from the Cusco airport, transportation throughout the country, boat across Lake Titicaca, and return flight back from Lake Titicaca to Lima Airport. (We will start our trip in Cusco and end in Lima. Flight from Lima to Cusco and flights to and from Peru not included)

  • Accommodation: 10 Days, 5 nights in hotels, 3 days glamping on the trail in the mountains. Our campsites with include sleeping tents, a kitchen tent, dinning tent, and bathroom tent, which will be carried and assembled by a team of local porters. Plus a 1 night homestay with the indigenous Amantani people on an island in Lake Titicaca.

  • All Meals: 3 Delicious amazing family style meals a day made from local Peruvian cuisine. At the 2019 World Travel Awards Peru won the title of “Best Culinary Destination in the World” for the 8th consecutive year!

  • Cultural Tours: Of the city of Cusco, the Scared Valley, including Sacsayhuaman, Pisac, and Ollantaytambo. The Lost City of Machu Picchu during the solstice. Sunrise on Rainbow Mountain, and exploring the reed islands and a homestay with an indigenous family on Amantani Island in the middle of Lake Titicaca.

  • Inka Trail & Llama Trek: Hike one day of the Inka Trail to arrive at Machu Picchu for the Solstice. 3 day Llama Trek backpacking through a remote region of the mountains camping in Upis, Pucacocha, and at the base of Rainbow Mountain. Finishing the trek watching the sunrise on Rainbow Mountain before driving to Lake Titicaca.

  • Personal Growth: Meditation, yoga, workshops, vision quests, cacao ceremonies, dancing, inspiring community, meaningful connections and powerful heart to heart discussions

  • Inspiring Community: New friendships from likeminded travelers that know how to balance having a blast being ridiculous and silly with holding one another accountable to our visions and desires to grow and evolve

  • Outstanding Group Leaders: Highly trained, passionate and fully engaged group leaders with immense experience in facilitating transformational human and spiritual growth processes. A team of local guides with expert knowledge of the rich history of the ancient cultural sites we will be visiting throughout the country.

  • Lots of Laughter: Lighthearted silliness, jokes, funny games, and unapologetic play and self exploration

  • Fun & Fulfillment Guarantee: A memory that will last a lifetime, returning home with new amazing stories full of adventure, laughter, new perspectives, and insights, feeling more aligned and at peace with your wildly happy authentic self

Secure My Spot Peru 2020


Spirit Monkeys proudly introduces a very special tour of Peru! We will be at one of the 7 Wonders of the World, in the ancient city of Machu Picchu during the solstice!



Day 1 - Jun 18, Arrive to Peru/Cusco

In the morning group arrives on their own to Cusco with various flights, but everyone will be pick up at Cusco airport upon their arrival.

Included lunch and included  welcome dinner. After Lunch in the afternoon will have a walking tour of Cusco. 

Hotel: Yawar in Cusco city


Day 2 - Jun 19, Sacred Valley tour with acclimatization hikes in Sacsayhuaman, Pisac and Ollantaytambo


All meals included.

Hotel: Tunupa lodge in Ollantaytambo

inca trail 2.jpg

Day 3 - Jun 20, Hike one day Inka Trail to Machupicchu


All meals Included.

Hotel: Inka Tower in Machupicchu

machu picchu 2.jpg

Day 4 - Jun 21, Machupicchu tour with winter solstice a choice to climb Huaynapicchu mountain


All meals included.

Hotel: Casa de barro or Similar in Chinchero


Day 5 - Jun 22, Drive to trail head to start in with llama trek, trek to Upis


All meals included.



Day 6 - Jun 23, Trek to Pucacocha


All meals Included.



Day 7 - Jun 24, Trek to beneath rainbow mountain

All meals included.


rainbow mountain sunrise.jpg

Day 8 - Jun 25, Sun rise on Rainbow mountain and drive to Lake Titicaca


All meals included.

Home Stay on Amantani island on Lake Titicaca


Day 9 - Jun 26, Explore Amantani island and floating islands

All meals included.

Hotel Casa Andina or similar, in Puno City

lake titicaca2.jpg

Day 10 - Jun 27, Out Lake Titicaca to flight back to Lima and connect with international flights back to home


Included breakfast. Lunch and dinner on your own as it will be a traveling day.



• In double occupancy.

• Single supplement upon request for additional cost.

• 1-night in Ollantaytambo Sacred Valley.

• 1-night in Machupicchu hotel.

• 2-nights in a Cusco hotel.

• 1-night home stay on Amantani island on lake Titicaca.

• 1-night in a Puno City hotel.

• 3-nights camp in tents. (tents design for 4 people but we use only with 2 people)

• Available bed preference, for couples.


Other items included with the price.


• One way domestic air tickets from Lake Titicaca to Lima.

• No weight restriction for duffle bag (duffel provided by day hikes for the trek, duffel will be carry by llamas.)

• Water to refill along the trek.

• Wranglers with horses and llamas based on number of clients trekking. -One Cook, and assistance cook.

• Expert native trekking tour leader/guide, a fluent English speaker.

• All meals included except on the last day as it will be traveling day back to home.

• All land transportation in private coach, tourism train shuttle bus in Machupicchu for both days.

• Tourism train ticket.

• Arrival and departure transfers, within Cusco.

• All entrance fees to all mentioned sites above on the itinerary and your Inka trail permit.

• Inka trail permit included and (Huaynapicchu mountain in Machupicchu  permit included.)


Not included with the price.


• International air ticket and domestic air ticket from Lima to Cusco.

• Travel and health insurance COMPULSORY.

• Single room.

• Sleeping bag (Available for rent North face Aleutian -20f/-29c)

• Personal trekking gear.

• Visas or vaccinations (American Citizens do not need a Visa).

• Tips for staff.

• Bar bills, laundry, others.


Our Camping Equipment

• Communal camp gear including tables and camp chairs, dining tent, kitchen tent, trail duffel, sleeping pad (thermal rest mattress), water filter and other amenities.

• Spacious sleeping tents, design for 4 people but we use for 2 guests, they are made by Diamond brand.

• For porters; tents, sleeping pad, sleeping bag, etc


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